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11 February 2019

Feature paper: Thinking OutsideTheBox – Designing Smart Things with Autistic Children

This paper summarises the process and findings of the 3-year project OutsideTheBox. The project proposed a paradigm […]
2 November 2017

The Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC)

PARC is a network set up to bring together autistic people, including scholars (and also students, […]
23 June 2017

How are Individuals with Autism Involved in the Design of Technology? – a 7-year Review

Technology is receiving increasingly more support as benefiting autism intervention. In this context, involving individuals with […]
14 June 2017

Exploratory research into the design of computer-based rewards for children with autism and/or ID

Generally, rewards are considered to have a positive impact on motivation, engagement, and performance in learning. […]
1 June 2017

Post-doctoral Position on Technology for Autism at ISIR, Paris, France

Description at a glance Project Title: Developing and implementing a framework for evidence-based practice for technology relevant […]
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