This course contains two main units in text and video format and supplementary material in text format.

Quick view of the framework
Recommendations for developers
Words of caution about evidence-based practice for technology for autism
Evidence-Based Framework for Technology for Autistic Users :

Today there are thousands of digital technologies, such as apps, available that claim to support autistic people. But which technologies would actually work for you? The BETA project brought together autistic people, their families, researchers and developers to get a common understanding of what constitutes evidence when deciding what digital technologies to use with autistic people. This video provides an overview of the framework that was developed.
Online evidence evaluation tool :
What it is and how it works, How to rate ?

The Building Evidence for Technology and Autism project, or BETA project for short, has co-developed with the autistic community a framework for better understanding the evidence that supports digital technologies designed for autistic people. This video shows you how to rate such technologies for the available evidence. There is an accompanying video that explains the three key aspects of evidence and we recommend you watch this video if you have not already done so.
Background material :

Supporting Autism with Digital Technologies
Evidence-Based Practice
User-Centred Design
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