You can use this online form to submit an item for inclusion on the Blog or to make a general enquiry about the ASDTech pages.

Items for inclusion on the Blog will also be circulated direct to subscribers worldwide in our monthly email Digest. Examples of Blog items include :

  • Information about the release of a new technology relevant to autistic users
  • A personal story from an autistic user of technology about their experiences with tech
  • A review of a relevant technology by a family member or professional in the autism community
  • Announcing an academic event, conference, special issue or other call for papers
  • Sharing a new publication in the field – these will also be listed on our Publications page
  • Advertising a PhD or academic job related to autism and technology
All submitted posts will be reviewed by our editors for suitability before posting. Please provide as much information as possible, but not that some sections are not relevant for a “general enquiry”.
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