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7 December 2018

My Health Apps – Autism offers a section dedicated to apps for ASD. The results can be filtered by Language: […]
2 November 2018

iPad apps wheel by CALL Scotland

CALL Scotland has been maintaining for a few years now a categorised guide to iPad Apps […]
2 November 2018

MyTalkTools Mobile AAC

MyTalkTools Mobile is a next generation AAC app that helps people with communication difficulties communicate with sequences […]
2 November 2018

Project update: Neurodiversity in Design group

Neurodiversity in Design Meeting – October 2018 The Neurodiversity in Design Group held its first formal […]
15 October 2018

App4Autism: Timer, Visual Planning and Token Economy

App4Autism provides visual tools to help children and teenagers with autism and/or ADHD organise their schedule and […]
15 October 2018

ASD and me app

Triple T and ASD is the creation of 11 year old Hamish aspiring to raise awareness about […]
22 August 2018

Molehill Mountain: an app to help autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety

Molehill Mountain gets users to track their worries and feelings through a quick daily check-in. The […]
22 August 2018

DrOmnibus: an app for ABA therapists

DrOmnibus helps ABA therapists manage various areas of their daily work with young autistic children. It […]
22 August 2018


Otsimo has been nominated for the Best Social Impact award category at 2018 Google Play Award. […]
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