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10 July 2019

ASDTech in 2014

The SIG in 2014 in Atlanta, USA  was attended by 51 delegates from a wide variety […]
10 July 2019

ASDTech in 2015

In 2015 main part of the meeting was a chaired expert panel discussion. The multi-disciplinary panel […]
10 July 2019

Apps for autism: New section on ASDtech

BETA conducted a participatory study* with autistic people, families/carers, relevant professionals and researchers that resulted in […]
4 July 2019

Latest publications – April

Abdo, M., & Al Osman, H. (2019). Technology Impact on Reading and writing skills of children […]
14 April 2019

BETA project updates – Meet the team in Montreal

The BETA team is delighted to share its findings with the wider autism community and has […]
14 April 2019

Technology as an educational tool for young autistic learners

How digital technology can be beneficial to young autistic learners? Technology offers customisable platforms for children […]
11 April 2019

Latest Publications – March

MacFarland, M. C., & Fisher, M. H. (2019). Peer-Mediated Social Skill Generalization for Adolescents with Autism […]
11 April 2019

Technology for anxiety in autism – BBC feature

Last month, the BETA project featured on BBC Click‘s episode about how technology can help autistic […]
9 April 2019

Feature paper: Addressing the mathematics gap for students with ASD: An evidence-based systematic review of video-based mathematics interventions.

This systematic review of literature synthesised research on video-based instruction (VBI)
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