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27 February 2015

Youth with ASD make social connections at The Lab

In their recent article in The Conversation, Stefan Schutt and Rebecca Ng Lye Ee of Victoria […]
27 February 2015

Exciting new research developing technology to support the writing and delivery of Social Stories ™

A research team based at the University of Bath (UK), has been funded by the Leverhulme […]
27 February 2015

Online course inspires students to examine the psychological effects of the Internet

University of Wisconsin-Madison professor and researcher of cognitive neuroscience, human attention and communication, Morton Ann Gernsbacher, […]
27 February 2015

Hand-held, life-skills library helps individuals with ASD navigate daily life

University of Toronto graduate, Nadia Hamilton, began creating pictures to help her younger brother with ASD […]
30 January 2015

Teacher’s Pick: Favorite websites and apps for calming, mindfulness, wellness and relaxation

Maintaining healthy stress levels in our students with autism requires mindfulness and a commitment to self-care […]
30 January 2015

Seminar 2 in the Digital Bubbles series: “Innovative technologies for autism- critical reflections on digital bubbles” to take place March 25th, 2015 at the University of Sussex

After a successful first seminar on November 2014, the second seminar in the Economic and Social […]
30 January 2015

Wearable sensors aim to capture autism in action

According to SFARI (Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative) researchers in Boston, Atlanta and New York are […]
30 January 2015

Survey of most useful common idioms to assist in development of a mobile phone app for teens with autism

One area that people with autism may struggle with is understanding non-literal language such as idioms. […]
30 January 2015

Electronic vignettes raise autism awareness with a heartwarming sense of humor

Every week, Fundación Orange (Spain) publishes an electronic vignette called, Los Lunes, autismo, (‘Monday, autism’) that […]
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