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31 March 2016

In Vivo App Reviews via the Patrick Wild Centre Family in Residence Project

In an attempt to bring a real community partnership into the Patrick Wild Centre, they are […]
31 March 2016

What’s Your Story About Autism & Screens?

Children’s media and technology researcher and curriculum designer, Melissa Morgenlander, is also a mother of twins, […]
31 March 2016

TEDxPurdueU 2015 – Let’s Talk about Autism

Researchers from the Purdue Autism Cluster presented their TED talks at the inaugural TEDxPurdueU Autism event. Several […]
29 March 2016

Digital Bubbles Seminar 6:  The Diversity Bubble at the University of Bath, July 11th

This 6th Digital Bubbles seminar focuses on research conducted among groups with and without disabilities, that […]
29 February 2016

Best of ASDtech Digest

A major point of discussion from the 2015 ASDtech SIG was the importance of trying to share recommendations […]
28 February 2016

ICE4Autism:  Autism Specific In Case Of Emergency (ICE) App

ICE4Autism is currently being hailed as the only Autism-specific In Case of Emergency (ICE) app. It […]
28 February 2016

University Students with ASD May Achieve More Via Brain in Hand & The National Autistic Society

In an effort to provide an inclusive teaching and learning environment for students with disabilities, Higher […]
28 February 2016

Digital Bubbles 5:  The Disciplinary Bubble (March 18th-University of Sussex)

Work relevant to technology and autism is dispersed across diverse disciplines.  How can we collaborate constructively […]
28 February 2016

ASDtech Map of Expertise

One of the identified obstacles to good research in this field discussed at the 2014 ASDtech […]
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