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2 November 2017

The Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC)

PARC is a network set up to bring together autistic people, including scholars (and also students, […]
1 November 2017

AutisMIND: an app to develop Theory of Mind in children with ASD

AutisMIND is a tool for therapists, parents and other professionals to work and improve Theory of […]
1 November 2017

Deadline extended for Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders special issue

Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders (RASD) is inviting submissions for Digital embodiment, a special issue on […]
1 November 2017

SMART-ASD: Matching Autistic People with Technology Resources (2nd Edition)

The second edition of the  SMART-ASD MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), titled “SMART-ASD: Matching Autistic People […]
7 October 2017

Glasses for autism: facilitating social interaction through AI and gamification

What is Holli? Holli is a software for a wearable system, Google Glass, that coaches children […]
7 October 2017

Latest publications

In the last few months, some interesting articles have come to light, their topics varying from […]
7 October 2017

Robots to treat autism at home

Harbin Children’s Hospital in China is the first hospital to use robots to help treat children […]
5 September 2017

Social skills apps by Happy Frog

Happy Frog is a company specialising in apps and workbooks for children with learning difficulties. They […]
5 September 2017

Q&A on autism with the author of “NeuroTribes”

Steve Silberman, author of “NeuroTribes” gave an interview to Michael McWatters, TED-Ed Blog writer and father of […]
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