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28 April 2021

RABI: Robot for Autism Behavioural Intervention

According to Catherine So, associate professor of educational psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, […]
28 April 2021

Supporting Autistic Individuals through A Digital Alert System

In a recent news article, Kingston University announced a collaboration with home care provider Salutem to […]
22 March 2021

App helps in moments of stress

Autistic Space Kit (ASK) was created to help people when they experience a lot of stress […]
23 February 2021

New ESRC Grant

The Our Stories Project is a new ESRC Grant that has started just this month (Economic […]
16 February 2021

Autism Community Research Network in Sussex

Exciting news from Professor Nicola Yuill, Head of Children and Technology Lab at the University of […]
9 February 2021

Webinar About Online Intervention Tools

What online technologies can be used to engage and stimulate children and young people? Keith Houghton […]
15 December 2020

Startup Ultranauts with a Neurodivergent Workforce Shows Competitive Edge

An IT company with more than 75% employees on the autism spectrum has proven that autistic […]
20 July 2020

Attention training games that show promise for training foundational attention skills

BrainLeap technologies offers gaze-driven video games to improve focus and attention, skills that can help children […]
20 February 2020

HUE offers colorful and accessible technology to inspire creative learning

HUETM animation studio’s all-in-one stop motion animation kit consists of HUETM’s most popular products including a […]
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